Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. We have helped some of the world’s leading Payments, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, Consumer Products, Retail, Mobility, and Healthcare companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities. By leveraging next-generation technologies, our agile, multi-disciplinary teams provide a combination of Product & Technology Strategies, Intelligent Experiences and World Class Engineering to help our clients become more engaging, responsive and efficient.

At the same time, we recognize the importance of providing rewarding and challenging careers for our people, as well as a harmonious workplace, based on work-life balance, wellness and engagement initiatives at every step of their journey with us. We are happy and proud of our 10,391 employees, as of December 31, 2021, located in close to client locations in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and nearshore delivery centres in the European Union: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia; Central European Countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, North Macedonia and Serbia; Latin America: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In our continuous growth journey, we have built a strong and successful partnership with UTCN, due to our shared goal of supporting the development of the young tech community. A significant part of our investment in this community is represented by the Junior programmes we organise, in which we enable students and graduates to build on top of their university-gained knowledge, by offering intensive technical training and hands-on project experience. These programmes facilitate a head start for students in their careers by improving their technical capabilities and developing their interpersonal skills.

The successful completion of such internships can lead to a full-time career opportunity within Endava. We are proud to have a growing community of former UTCN students in our company, including our current Head of Project Delivery Management, our Head of Applications Management and our Group Head of Testing.

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