Students Cultural Club

Students Cultural Club

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has initiated and developed since 1996 activities for education through art and culture for students and staff. In this way, students have the chance of becoming creative individuals in arts and culture dedicated mainly to their peers. The relationship creator-consumer was developed within the Students’ Cultural Club in specific activities.

Understanding the role of culture in the development of the personality of the youth as supporters of sustainable development and progress in society, The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca provides proper conditions to run such activities in the club. The main objectives concern organizing students’ teams who take part in shows, festivals, contests at local, national and international level or who organize exhibitions, symposia, conferences, book presentations, dance courses, and other students’ actions.  Together with professionals, students organize and develop activities in the artistic fields of interest.

The objectives of the club are:


The club operates under the direct supervision of the university management, on the basis of a plan written by the Club Council where students have the most important role to play.

The Club is located in the “Observator” canteen, having a well-equipped performance hall (200-250 seats), a rehearsal hall for the dance teams, a rehearsal room for the theatre team and the musical groups.  In its activities, the Students’ Cultural Club works with partners such as, Cluj-Napoca Students’ Cultural House, The Municipal Cultural House of Cluj-Napoca, The “Lucian Blaga ” National Theatre  and other local cultural institutions.

Students Cultural Club  of Cluj-Napoca

  1. The « Românaşul » students folkloric ensemble
  2. « Gaudeamus » students theater  -- The theater workshop « Punct »
  3. Comedy group « Brigada BUM »
  4. Music group “Honoris”
  5. Dance ensemble “Infinit Skills” (modern, break-dance)
  6. « Nova » Formation of modern dance
  7. « Observator » The folk cenacle of interpretation and idea sharing
  8. « Pasărea Ibis » The folk group


Ing. Lucian REVNIC
Tel./Fax:0264 594930
Tel.0264 4011890 

Students Cultural Club of Baia Mare

  1. Students folkloric ensemble North
  2. Students ensemble of traditional romanian dances
  3. Vocal group of traditional romanian music
  4. Men's Choir "Sf. Ioan Damaschinul"
  5. The vocal group of the “Ep. Dr. Alexandru Rusu” seminary

Student clubs

1. Math club 

2. Computer Science Student Club

3. Informatics student club

4. Computer science and IT for high school students

5. Industrial Design Club

6. Applied bioelectronics club

7. Mechatronic industrial systems club

8. Mobile Robotics Club

9. Precision Mechatronics Club

10. Intelligent reconfigurable systems Group

11. Microsystems programming Club

12. IoT research Club

13. NO CAT COMM research Club

14. C programming language training club

15. Studying and Learning Centre of UTCN (CeSTI)

16. Entrepreneurship Club

17. Theological group – coordinator conf. univ. Ștefan Pomian

18. Techniques of visual reconstruction of environment Club - coordonator conf. univ. dr. Adrian Chira

19. Circle of semantic values of temporality found in the Băimărean cityscape - coordonator lector. univ. Ioan Anghel Negreanu

20. Circle of Typological Structures and Aesthetic Models in Contemporary Landscape Painting in Baia Mare Artistic Center - coordonator prof. univ. dr. Nicolae Suciu

21. Circle of Applied Didactics (DSPP) - coordonator lect.univ. dr. Florina Achim

22. Cerc de Pedagogie PAIDEEA (DSPP) -coordonator lect. univ. dr. Alina Boja

23. Cerc de traduceri -coordonatori: conf. univ. dr. Mihaela Munteanu Siserman, conf. univ. dr. Bud Crina

24. Cercul de Dialectologie "Victor Iancu"– coordonator conf. univ. dr. Mircea Farcaș

25. Cercul de Gramatica normativă "Gheorghe Radu" – coordonator conf. univ. dr. Mircea Farcaș

26. Cercul de Eminescologie - coordonator prof. univ. dr. habil. Cornel Munteanu

27. Cercul de semiotică lingvistică – Σημε?ον – coordonatori: prof. univ. dr. habil. univ.dr. Daiana Felecan, conf. univ. dr. Mihaela Munteanu Siserman

28. Cercul de etnologie și antropologie „Ioan Chiș  Șter” – coordonatori: conf. univ. dr. Delia Suiogan, asistent universitar dr. Natalia Lazar

29. Cercul studențesc de onomastică – coordonator prof. univ. dr. habil. Oliviu Felecan

30. Cercul STUDENSLATOR –– coordonator asist. univ. dr. Minodora Barbul

31. Cerc de electrotehnica

32. Cerc de masurari electrice

33. Cerc de actionari electrice si roboti

34. Cerc de masini electrice

35. Cerc de electroenergetica

36. Cerc de inginerie medicala

37. Cerc de inginerie si management

38. Cerc „Descopera-ti pasiunea in IT”, elevi

39. Cerc „Women in Tech”

40. Cerc stiintific Educatie Financiara

41. Cerc Electro-Summer

42. Cerce NuovoTech

43. Cerc Civil Summer School