The General Administrative Directorate is continuously concerned with the modernization and expansion of educational spaces, the creation of new research laboratories, the rehabilitation of dormitories and canteens to increase comfort, the continuous development of recreational spaces - the Olympic swimming pool, outdoor exercise platforms and sports fields (football, volleyball, basketball, tennis).The last years have constantly contributed to the increase of the valuable and qualitative heritage through the acquisition of premises and the continuous modernization, to the highest standards, of the existing ones.


The heritage of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca includes 78 buildings, with a useful area of 187,240 square meters and land with a total area of 234,221 square meters, distributed in the two university centers Cluj-Napoca and Baia Mare, respectively in the extensions in the cities of Alba Iulia, Bistrița, Satu Mare and Zalău.


In the national heritage buildings: Memorandumului 2, Barițiu 25 and 26, Daicoviciu 15, extensive maintenance works were carried out, and in the Bistrita extension, the central building was carefully rehabilitated while maintaining the architectural and interior aesthetic elements. In order to develop the research activity, the construction authorization, network diversion and approval procedure for the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was initiated.


For the buildings in G. Baritiu Street 6-8, the rehabilitation/modernization works have been completed and the spaces thus arranged for didactic and research activities have been offered. The adjacent building also located on 4 G. Barițiu Street houses the UTCN-Hub, it is a space configured suitable for the organization of conferences, workshops, along with a set of high-performance research laboratories.


Within the Alba-Iulia extension, the project of Development of the education and training infrastructure for university tertiary education was completed - a modern Campus, with current standards of construction and equipment. The buildings in the Dorobantilor campus were completely redesigned aesthetically and functionally, acquiring two new amphitheaters and reconfigured spaces for seminar/laboratory activities.


The General Administrative Directorate manages a wide variety of building types, some more than 100 years old, and others modern and relatively sophisticated in design and services, thus maintaining an adequate level of management and energy efficiency is an important objective at the level of the entire Campus. In 2023, the University was certified UIGreenMetric along with more than 1300 other universities in the world and ranks 1st  in the country within the international evaluation of THE Impact Ranking in chapter 7 - Clean and accessible energy


The Rector's reports for the years 2020 to 2023 reflect in the specific chapter and annexes, through data and images, all the details of this continuous  improvement process. For a direct perspective on the educational, research and management spaces from the University's heritage and the existing research spaces within the University, a Virtual tour of them was made.


The Green Campus program encourages a partnership approach to environmental management and education, with the main goal of engaging the entire community in a meaningful way in actions and activities regarding campus sustainability and the implementation of the circular economy. Student organizations manifest themselves as an active factor in this sense, contributing directly through involvement, participation and actions and supporting and promoting the program. A first important manifestation in this sense is the creation of OSUT Green – organization with a specific role in supporting and organizing educational activities and promoting the Green Campus. The aim of these actions is to raise awareness of the importance of the sustainable perspective in all educational, research and university management activities.


 For the latest technical information on these aspects, the PACED Plan reflecting the status can be consulted.